About Us


Our Facility:

Dr. ¬†Ayman’s pediatric clinic is situated in the heart of Zinj right across the highway from the Bahrain Map. This is a prime location for a clinic seeing as how many medical centers chose this to be their area of operations.

The clinic itself is part of the brand new Al M’aali Medical Complex that is well equipped and suited to house a busy pediatric clinic. The medical complex offers excellent security with CCTV cameras under the operation of qualified security guards. Al M’aali complex also has receptionists to direct incoming patients according to where they want to go. There are also snacks available inside the complex for children and adults alike.


Dr. Ayman’s clinic is a spacious clinic with a huge waiting area that offers comfortable seating arrangements for patients and their parents. In addition to the entertainment for children present in the form of a play room that offers not only toys but improves the children’s team work ability by working with each other to acquire a certain goal. It also sparks the children’s imagination and this is achieved with the coloring books and the boards available in the playroom. The floor of the playroom is padded to provide protection for the children and ease of mind for the parents. A safe play room means that parents do not have to worry and take this wait time to relax. The play room is also very beautifully decorated to match the rest of the clinic in a cartoonish manner to make the children feel comfortable about their presence at the doctor’s office. When the children have fun at the doctor’s clinic they will associate the place with fun rather than sickness and pain. This improves both the children’s and the parent’s experience when visiting the pediatrician.


The clinic is also suited to take in patients and offers many up to date medical appliances and procedures to help deal with any situation that arises in the best fashion. Dr. Ayman is assisted by two nurses at all times to make sure all the patients in the clinic at any time are getting the attention they require whether before seeing the doctor in the means of height and weight measurements etc. or after leaving the doctor’s in the term of the medicines needed for each child and making sure their visit was satisfactory and stress free.


Al M’aali Medical Complex also offers a medicine dispensary where patients along with their parents can pick out the medicines they need on their way out in order to save them the hassle of looking for a pharmacy or going out of their way again to acquire the medicine. The complex also provides an underground shaded parking to prevent the car from being uncomfortable to ride in after the doctor’s visit from Bahrain’s heat. There are also outdoor parking available for easy access to the complex. The entrance also offers stairs and a ramp to accommodate all kinds of people with disabilities making this the complete overall medical experience and the most stress free visit to the doctor you will ever have.